June 17th, 2019

Update: LuxSci upgrading all Systems to support only TLS v1.2+ only

LuxSci has pushed back the general date of the transition to TLS 1.2 only support to January 1st, 2020.  This matches the timeline set my most browser vendors and others for abandoning the old versions of TLS and gives existing customers more time to upgrade their systems.  However, new dedicated LuxSci customers will be placed on servers that support only TLS 1.2+ starting this week.  The rolling update window is now January 1st through January 31st, 2020.

That said, LuxSci will still be transitioning to requiring TLS 1.2+ support for email transmission (“Forced TLS”) during the July-August, 2019 window.

Additionally, any dedicated customer that would like to transition to TLS 1.2+ sooner, may do so at any time my asking LuxSci support.

See the original blog post: LuxSci to upgrade all Systems to support only TLS v1.2+ only

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