May 31st, 2019

Updated Service Level Agreement

LuxSci has updated its Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all shared and dedicated customers. This change supersedes the previous SLA for all existing LuxSci customers that do not have a custom SLA agreement with LuxSci.

Download the Complete SLA Document

The new SLA in an improvement over the old SLA in many ways. Some of these include:

  • A new explicit guarantee on the Availability of Services running on dedicated servers
  • The addition of explicit SLAs for services provided by LuxSci’s vendors (such as Proofpoint).
  • An explicit description of how LuxSci performs regular and emergency maintenance on servers and services.
  • A new paid SLA Track called Premium SLA that changes how maintenance is performed with respect to Premium SLA Customer’s dedicated servers.

The Premium SLA Track provides:

  1. Higher degree of insulation from the potential impacts of software updates and changes.
  2. Preferred scheduled maintenance window selection.
  3. Higher-touch notices and coordination of updates.
  4. Longer notice for emergency maintenance.

Premium SLA Tracks are generally only available to Customers with an Enterprise Custom plan. If that is you and you are interested in adding Premium SLA to your LuxSci account, please contact sales.

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