November 17th, 2007

Updated WebAides Collaboration Tools

LuxSci has improved it online collaboration features to enhance usability.  The updates to WebAides include:

  • Users without an Enterprise WebAide license can now share their personal address book and calendar globally with all users in their account. This provides the most basic and sought-after form of collaboration to all accounts for free.
  • The interface for sharing email folders and WebAides is now much more user friendly and consistent.
  • WebAides can now be globally shared with "all users in your domain".
  • If you have a WebAide license, you can share any WebAide with any user in your account, even with users who do not have a WebAide license.
  • Administrators can "force" the sharees of their WebAides to be automatically subscribed to them. This makes it easy to setup shared calendars and address books that everyone can use immdiately without needing to "set anything up".
  • The sharees of shared email folders and WebAides now see changes in the status of the items shared with them immediately without the need to "synchronize" or perform any kind of updating actions. I.e. synchronization for all users now happens immdiately upon any change to the shaing status of any folder or WebAide.
  • Users without WebAide licenses can now be members of a "WebAide User Group". This permits much more flexible sharing of WebAides and folders.
  • Global administrators, i.e. administrators of multiple accounts, can now share their WebAides and email folders with users in other accounts.

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