June 13th, 2009

Updated Wizards Simplify Account Setup

LuxSci has added a new “Account Setup Wizards” area to its administration control panel.  This area brings together all of the various tools for “adding things” all into one place.  Additionally, the tools for adding users, domains, web sites, and databases have been completely re-written to make the administrator’s job easier, faster, and more intuitive.  Lets hear it for usability!

What is in the new Account Setup Wizards area?

  • Create a new private labeled theme
  • Create a new user
  • Create users in bulk
  • Delete users in bulk
  • Create aliases in bulk
  • Delete aliases in bulk
  • Add a new domain
  • Create a new web site
  • Create a new MySQL database

We plan on adding more wizards to assist with the configuration of the account for specific purposes as well.  I.e. a “SecureLine Configuration Wizard” is one example of something in the planning stages now.

How have the creation wizards been improved?

Our goal was to minimize the number of steps needed for an administrator to add something to his/her account and to make the process intuitive.  To this end, the new wizards:

  • Allow you to create things without having to pre-purchase licenses for them.  If you need a license or an upgrade to do what you want, the wizard just asks you to confirm the upgrade as part of the process and then takes care of it for you.  This saves a lot of time.
  • The user creation wizard now allows administrators to add “a la carte” licenses to a user at the time of creation.  I.e., if your account does not have WebAides collaboration tools, but you want to make a new user with this service, you can just check that check box and it will be added, and any needed upgrades will be taken care of for you (after you confirm it is OK).  Simple.
  • The domain addition wizard has been extensively modified … see the next section for more details.

What did you do to the domain addition wizard?

Adding domains is one of the most complex activities, as there are so many things that you could use a domain for!  We have modified the domain addition wizard so that it asks you what you want to use it for and what entitlements you would like it to have.  The wizard then checks that it all makes sense, upgrades you appropriately, and makes the changes and support tickets needed.

For example:

  • You can now order a domain name with registration for parking
  • You can add a domain that will be an email alias of another domain
  • You can request premium email archival and/or filtering for a domain at the time of domain addition.
  • You can add domains to be vanity domains for private labeling.

The wizard makes it easy to identify what you want to do and greatly reduces the number of steps required to do it, speeding up the process of setting things up for you.

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