January 27th, 2009

Upload Attachments to Your Email in Bulk

LuxSci’s WebMail email composition tool now makes it quick and easy for users to upload many attachments to their email messages.  The tedium of selecting attachments individually is “so last week.”

In the “Attachments” tab of the email composition window, users can now click on the new “Open the Bulk File Uploader” option.  This opens a dialog box that allows:

  • Selecting one or many files (up to 100) from your computer to be attached to your email message, and
  • Dragging and dropping files from your computer into the dialog box for upload

Users then press the “Upload” button and all selected files are uploaded in turn.  While they are being uploaded, users are presented with a continuously updating progress displaying the number of files and number of bytes uploaded.

Need to send someone 100 pictures? No problem! Drag and drop them into your email message (as long as the total size is less than 50MB) and send!  If you are a LuxSci user, it is also easy to download all of these attachments at once using our bulk attachment downloading feature.

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