February 17th, 2009

User Group Distribution Lists are Here

Group Distribution ListLuxSci has added a new, often requested feature to its User Groups collaboration tools — the ability to associate an “email address” with the User Group so that all messages sent to that custom email address are forwarded to all members of the User Group.  This is a Group Distribution List.

How Does it Work?

A WebAides-licensed user can create a Group of users using the User Groups WebAide.  Then, some or all of the users in the account can be added to the Group to create the “group of users”.  Finally, if the user has administrative permissions in the account, s/he user can click on a special command to make a “Distribution List” for the group and define the email address to be used for sending to a defined set of users.

As users are added and removed from the Group in the future by anyone who is allowed to edit the Group.  Once updated, those users are also automatically added and removed from the email distribution list.

What is the advantage of this?

One can also make distribution lists using LuxSci’s email alias management tool; however, the use of Distribution Lists with Groups provides:

  • Centralized management of both WebAide and Email Folder permissions and Distribution Lists for Groups of users via a unified interface.
  • An easy interface to see who is and who is not included in a group and to change that membership easily.
  • An easier and more visual interface than offered in the Email Alias management tool, as it is targeted at managing sets of users in your account and not merely providing the ability to create a forward, bounce or delete based upon an email address.

So, if you have well defined groups of users or roles in your organization, and use Groups for WebAides and Email Folder management access, and would also like to manage email distribution lists for these same sets of people, then WebAides Group Distribution Lists are the perfect solution.

How many recipients can be in a Distribution List?

You can have as many people in the distribution list as users in your account.  I.e. you can add everyone to the list, no matter how many user are in your account.

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