September 24th, 2012

Watch It! Be notified of changes to WebAide Contacts, Calendars, Blog posts, Document storage, Tasks, etc.

When collaborating with others, you sometimes want to be informed quickly of added or changed information.  E.g. a newly uploaded file, an edited contact, a new task, a new blog post, etc.

LuxSci’s WebAides now support “Watching”.  Users can choose to “watch” any WebAide that they have read access to (their own, or others that are shared with them).  Once a user is watching a WebAide, the user will be emailed notices of any new or changed entries within minutes of those changes.

What can you watch?

Address Books, Calendars, Task Lists, Blogs, Document Storage, Password Storage, Notes, Links, and User Groups — all of the available WebAide types.

How to you start watching?

Click on the “eye-plus” (  ) icon in your “My WebAide Tools” page next to the WebAide you want to watch,


Right click on any WebAide in the WebAides interface and choose “Watch” from the context menu that pops up.

How do you stop watching?

In the same areas where you can enable watching, you can click on the “eye-delete” icon  or choose “Stop Watching”.  You can do this any time for any WebAide.

How is this different from “Subscribing” to a WebAide

Subscribing to a WebAide:

  • Brings it to the top of your list of WebAides.  E.g. if you have many Blogs or Calendars, subscribing helps you differentiate between often-used ones and seldom used ones.
  • Enables “Consolidated view”.  LuxSci allows you to see a “Consolidated view” or all entries on all subscribed WebAides very quickly and easily.  This is like a global overview of everything important.

Subscribing doesn’t result in getting emailed notices and updatesexcept in one case.  With Blogs, the owner administrator can enable a setting whereby all subscribees get notices of new/edited posts to the Blog.  In this case, subscribing gives you the same notices as watching.  However, watching is a option of the end-user (watch if interested).  The feature of Blog notices on subscription is a setting of the Blog owner that applies globally to all subscribees.  If some people want to get notices, but many people want to subscribe, watching works better.  If everyone should get notices … subscribee notices and enforced subscrptions (where the Blog owner auto-subscribes people to the Blog) are better.

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