August 13th, 2010

Web and PDF Form Submissions Saved to a MySQL Database

LuxSci SecureForm is an easy way to add or enhance security and/or functionality to web and PDF forms you to use to collect important information. This service has been expanded to now store your submitted form data directly to a MySQL database hosted at LuxSci!

SecureForm storage in MySQL is compatible with LuxSci HIPAA-compliant account services.

Easy and Robust

  • Automatic — Each form submission is automatically saved as a new row in your MySQL database
  • No database setup needed — the database table used for storage is auto-created and auto-managed by the SecureForm system so that the columns needed for data storage are created on-the-fly.
  • Remote database access — your MySQL database is remotely accessible so that you can access and manage your submitted form data from anywhere. Remote access can also be via SSL.
  • Works with any web or PDF form!
    • Works with any form field names — no matter what your field names are, what language they are in, or what special characters may be in them, the data will be saved properly to your database with a clear mapping between the MySQL table columns and the original form field names.
    • Unlimited storage* — Your MySQL database tables are not limited in storage size, except as per the disk space available on your server.
    • Store raw uploaded FDF or PDF files (up to 15 MB in size) from your PDF forms.

* Database storage counts towards your purchased disk space or the space available on your dedicated server.

What can you do with MySQL-saved form data?

Having your data in a MySQL database permits easy and automated integration with remote systems for downloading or processing form data.

  • Write programs that connect to your database to manage the form submissions in an automated manner.
  • Customize the form data storage table by adding your own fields and indices.
  • Have a separate copy of all form submissions for an archival record.
  • Add your own form data rows to your data storage table.
  • Delete form data rows from the storage table as needed, or edit and mark them as “processed”.

How to get started?

To get started, you need a LuxSci account that has the SecureForm service.  You can then create your database though our administration console and use this with SecureForm.  If you do not have the ability in your account to add databases, please contact support.

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