October 9th, 2015

WebAide and WebMail Features for More and Larger Files

LuxSci has introduced a series of new features and improvements over the past few months to enable better security, larger files, and more ease of use.  Here is a brief rundown of these:

No More JAVA Applets!

LuxSci previously provided JAVA Applets to enable the optional bulk uploading and downloading of files.  However, these days, one can bulk upload files using “drag and drop” and web browsers are moving away from support of JAVA applets for security reasons.  To simplify our interface and remove any need for JAVA, we have removed these applets altogether.

  • To upload files in bulk, simply use “drag and drop”
  • Downloading files in bulk is now done by providing you with a ZIP Archive of the selected files

This change impacts email message composition, downloading attachments from email messages, and uploading and downloading files from WebAides and the File Manager.

Larger WebAide Files

Our WebAide system has been greatly streamlined.  As a result we have increased the maximum size of files that can be stored in WebAides (e.g. the Documents WebAide) from 50MB to 200MB.  We plan to increase this further (too 500 MB or more) in the future.

WebAide Files are Always Encrypted

LuxSci has always given customers the option to encrypt files via PGP to have the data encrypted at rest and to control whom is allowed to open each individual file.   Now, all WebAide files in any WebAide are always encrypted at rest using AES encryption.  This applies to new files as well as files uploaded years ago.  All uploaded files are encrypted no matter what.  If you choose the PGP encryption option, then your files will be double encrypted: first with PGP and the access control that affords, and then with AES.

If you are just looking to ensure that your files are encrypted at rest (e.g. for compliance), perhaps you no longer need to use the PGP file encryption optional (the “Encrypt” checkbox) and let the seamless, automatic AES encryption take care of it for you.

Easier File Upload to Documents WebAides

What can be easier that selecting files from your computer, dragging them over the Documents WebAides page, and dropping them?  That is all it takes — no need to even use the “New Entry” tool for basic file uploads.  Each file is uploaded, encrypted using AES, and stored for use in your WebAide.

Quick WebAide Backups

Users can now make “quick” backups of their WebAides.  These are fast and very small as instead of containing the actual files backed up, they only contain references to those files in the LuxSci system.  So, a 2,000 GB WebAide could have a quick backup that is only kilobytes in size.  If you restore from a quick backup, the referenced files are copied from their referenced location into the restore.

Quick backups are valid for up to 2 months.  After that, referenced files that have been deleted in the original WebAide will begin to expire and may no longer be able to be copied on restore.  Quick backups are the way to go for a temporary fast, small backup of a large WebAide or for copying data from one WebAide to another.

LuxSci still provides the option of “portable” backups which contain all data and all files just in case you want a permanent full backup for your WebAide (for WebAides less than 1 GB in size).

Both backup types are available in the “WebAide Properties” screen for your WebAides.

Encrypted WebAide Backups

All individual WebAide backup files, both portable and quick, are now individually encrypted and signed to protect the WebAide data no matter where it may reside.  These backup files can only be decrypted by LuxSci, e.g. during the restore process.


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