April 6th, 2009

WebAide Blogs can now Export and Import to and from WordPress

Wordpress LogoLuxSci has enhanced the import and export features of its Blogs WebAide so that users can import content from WordPress WXR export files and can export WebAide Blog posts into WXR files for import into WordPress blogs.

Importing from WordPress

For users who would like to import data from their existing WordPress blog(s) into a LuxSci Blogs WebAide, LuxSci now supports import from “WordPress Extended RSS” (WXR) files.  This is WordPress’ standard export format.

From the “Properties > Import” area, users can choose “WordPress Extended RSS” as the import file format.  Additionally, users can control what and how the data is imported:

  • Users can choose to import only posts that are in certain categories or tagged with certain tags.  This allows importing only part of a WordPress export, or allows importing one WordPress blog into multiple LuxSci WebAide Blogs.
  • LuxSci WebAide Blogs do not have categories — they have “Tags”.  Instead of “Categories”, users usually create multiple Blog instances.  When importing data from WordPress, users can choose to have the “categories” imported as “tags” or have that data not imported at all (save only to differentiate what entries to import).

Posts imported from WordPress preserve the post content, comments, tags, post date, and authorship.   Attachments / files, if any, are not preserved.

Exporting to WordPress

LuxSci WebAide Blogs can also produce WXR files that can be imported into any WordPress blog.  These contain all of the posts and comments on posts in your WebAides Blog, though attachments are not exported.

When exporting, users have the option to save all Blog entries or only those entries matching a current search.  In this way, users can export only a selected part of their Blog, if desired.

Other Blog Formats

Currently, LuxSci does not support any other specific Blog import/export formats, except for the RSS 2.0 standard.  However, WordPress supports import from a wide variety of different sources, and most major blogs support import from WordPress.

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