April 25th, 2010

WebMail Email Composition Improved

LuxSci has updated its web-based email composition tool in two significant ways:

  1. Never get auto-logged out of WebMail again because it is taking a long time for you to compose an email message.
  2. Composition of SecureLine-encrypted email messages is now simpler and more user friendly.

Composing Messages for a Long Time is OK

LuxSci’s WebMail interface now monitors your activity when you are composing an email message.  If it detects that you are “working on the message” (i.e. by typing in the message content area), it will automatically extend your WebMail session for you.  In this way, if it takes you two hours to write a message, you will be able to compose the whole thing and send it successfully, even if your default WebMail session timeout is much smaller, such as 20 minutes.

Caution! If you leave your computer and go away for a long time, then you are no longer “working on the message” and your session will still timeout if you do not return and continue working within your WebMail session timeout.

You continue to be able to edit your WebMail session timeout in your WebMail Preferences area (Security & Privacy > Behavior).  It can be set anywhere between 5 minutes and 8 hours (for HIPAA accounts, the range is between 5 and 20 minutes).

SecureLine Email Composition Changes

Users of LuxSci’s SecureLine service for sending encrypted outbound email messages will notice some significant, but intuitive, changes to the behavior of the web-based email composition interface. The changes make the sending of secure messages faster, easier, and reduce visual clutter:

  • There are new, colored “locked / unlocked” icons at the top of the page.  They offer a visual indication of the encryption status of the message and can be clicked on to toggle encryption on and off.
  • The SecureLine recipient encryption details are now updated in real time as you add and remove recipients from your message.  This allows you to immediately see if your message is ready to be sent, or if you need to supply additional information such as a certificate password or recipient Escrow security question and answer.
  • The SecureLine area color codes itself as green or yellow, in real time, to visually indicate if all the security information needed has been filled in or not.
  • Non-essential recipient information is hidden by default to reduce screen clutter.  Users can always see information about all recipients by clicking on a new “View all recipients” link and are able to edit the SecureLine Escrow message expiration date by clicking on the “clock” icon next to the recipient’s SecureLine data.

All in all, these changes

  • Produce real-time visual feedback on how your message will be secured and display information that may need to be added before sending.
  • Eliminate the previous cumbersome need to “send the message”, then supply missing information, then “send the message” again.
  • Display only the most relevant information to complete the composition of your message.

SecureLine – Faster.  Easier.  Secure.

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