January 1st, 2013

WebMail Email Signatures – Refreshed and Supercharged

LuxSci has provided advanced WebMail signature features for a very long time.  Being able to customize your sent email messages for the persona that you are sending from is critical to any serious or business email user.

After much development, LuxSci has expanded on its standard WebMail signature features which include:

  • Unlimited custom signatures
  • Separate signature content for HTML and plain text messages
  • Specifying the Reply-To and From addresses, as well as the From name
  • Clean and simple integration into email composition and quick switching between personalities on-the-fly

to add many advanced and customer-requested additions that are now available to all users:

  • Upload and embed Images into your HTML signatures.  Send images with your email messages (e.g. you company logo or any other images you like).  The images will be embedded in each email message, so no image hosting is needed.
  • Attach Files to all your Email Messages. Associate up to 5 files (up to 500KB in size each) with your signature such that these files will be automatically attached to every email message sent using that signature. E.g. you could include a “vCard” with your contact information or a PDF with information about your company.
  • Searching and Downloading.  If you have many signatures  you can now add notes to them for your own use.  E.g. to describe what each one is for.
  • HIPAA Seal.  If you are in a HIPAA-Compliant email account, you can paste in LuxSci’s HIPAA Certification Seal into your HTML email signature with one click.

Additionally, LuxSci has added new signature administration features to make use of consistent signatures across all users in an account simple:

  • Placeholders. Both HTML and plain text signatures now support “placeholders”.  Placeholders are tags like “<name>”, “<city>”, “<email>”, etc., which are substituted automatically with the user’s configured contact information.  With placeholders, you can use a single signature template for multiple users which will auto-update as they change their contact information and which will adapt to each individual user’s information.
  • Account Default Signature: Administrators can now configure an account-wide default signature that will be automatically added to new users and to users who do not have any Signatures.  The account-wide default includes: text signature content, HTML signature content with optional embedded images, and optional attached files.  Combined with Placeholders, account default signatures enable simple consistent signature usage across all users.
  • Bulk Signature Delete. Administrators can use the new “Delete Signatures” option in the “Bulk Edit Users” wizard.  This option deletes all signatures from selected users.  Once their existing signatures are deleted, they will automatically get the account wide default signature.  So – it is easy to reset the signatures in use by all of your users.
  • Restrict Signature Editing.  Administrators, in their user configuration area, can also restrict users from viewing/editing their own signatures. With this, you can enforce use of specific signatures.


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