September 15th, 2001

WebMail Enhancements

In addition to numerous look-and-feel enhancements, we have added the following new features to WebMail. Please see your WebMail Preferences screen to customize the new preferences related to these and other options.

  • Read Message Receipts: When sending email you can request that a receipt email be sent to you when the recipient reads the message (requires that the recipient consent to the receipt and that his email client supports them). When reading email messages, you can now respond to Read Receipt requests. You can set your preferences so that you never respond [the default], always respond, or are asked each time a receipt is requested.
  • Sorting your email messages: You can now sort the email messages in your folders by date, subject, or sender in an ascending or descending fashion. You can specify the default sorting in your WebMail Preferences. You can also change the sorting dynamically while displaying the messages in your folders.
  • Message Importance Flags: When sending an email you can now designate it as of Normal, High, or Low importance. Most email clients display special flags next to messages marked as of high or low importance. WebMail now also recognizes and indicates the importance of you messages: A red “!” for High importance messages, and a blue down arrow for Low importance messages.

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