March 19th, 2010

WebMail: Faster Automatic Folder Checking

LuxSci has significantly improved the automatic checking for new email messages in its WebMail application.

Previously, automatic checking was lacking: you had to manually enable automatic checking, messages were checked for only every 5 minutes, and checking stopped as soon as new messages were detected.

Now, automatic checking works with the speed and usability of a desktop email application:

  • Automatic: WebMail will always check for new email messages — you never have to “enable” anything.
  • Fast: Checking for new messages happens as frequently as once/minute*
  • Multiple Folders: WebMail checks for new email messages in your current folder, your INBOX, and any other folders that you have added to your “QuickCheck” list (you can have up to 5 folders on this list in addition to your INBOX).  You can be informed of new messages in any of your important folders, even if you are currently working in other folders.  Many folks have requested automatic checking for new messages in multiple folders — it is finally here!
  • Notifications: WebMail will notify you of new email
    • Icons are displayed next to folders with new messages in them in your folder tree
    • The “Get Email” button pulsates yellow if there are new messages in the current folder
    • An audible “new email” sound is played (you can turn that off — you can also upload your own new email sound)
    • A pop-up window can be displayed if you have new messages in your INBOX (good if your WebMail window is minimized or hidden — use of this, too, is a Preference).

Combined with our recent turbo charging of WebMail, you will find use of web-based email at LuxSci a productivity booster.

*The frequency of checking depends dynamically on how long the checking actually takes and can very from 1 to 5 minutes.  The speed of checking may be slower than once/minute if you are checking many folders, large folders, or if your email server is responding slowly at the moment (i.e. due to a usage spike). For most people checking will be close to once/minute.

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