April 30th, 2003

WebMail Feature Additions

WebMail: Now users can check the status of multiple email folders on their “Welcome” page. Use the “Email Folders” tool to subscribe to folders in addition to your INBOX and the status of these will be checked and displayed in the “Your Email” section of your Welcome page. This feature is perfect if you want to monitor your SPAM folder or other email folders in addition to your INBOX!

WebMail: LuxSci has added a feature to its WebMail that allows you for format your email messages for easy and clean printing. When viewing an email message, you can click on the printer icon in the upper right corner of the screen (Standard portal), or click on the “Printable” button (Xpress portal). This will display your message in a separate window without any of the graphics or menus and on a white background, making it much easier to print and friendlier to your ink supply!

HTML Attachments: If you receive email messages that include HTML attachments with embedded images (or other objects), LuxSci now displays these embedded images within the HTML document when you view it in the WebMail message display.

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