March 4th, 2006

WebMail Interface Changes


Many usability and functionality enhancements have been made to the LuxSci user interface.  These include:

  • Pervasive look and feel, plus usability enhancements have been made throughout the entire LuxSci interface.
  • Two new WebMail preferences allow users to choose if they want to view and/or compose email messages in a separate window or to always use the same window.
  • Users now have 2 ways to access Help, "in-line" or in a separate pop-up window. In-line can make Help access faster and more user friendly for those with newer web browsers.
  • The "WebMail Email Composition" page has been redesigned to better support email composition in HTML modes. Major enhancements include:
    • New HTML editing toolbar for writing HTML formatted email
    • HTML editing support for FireFox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla
    • "Smiley faces"
    • Uploading images into the HTML
    • Inserting formatted content from Microsoft Word
    • Viewing and editing attached images in forwarded HTML-formatted messages
    • Editing the HTML content of forwarded or replied to messages
  • The "WebMail Message Display" page has been updated to better support the viewing of HTML formatted email. Major highlights include:
    • HTML content can be fully loaded in-line into the page
    • Full support for inline display of attached images
    • Redundant text parts of HTML messages can be suppressed from view
    • Optionally suppress display of any images — attached or linked.
    • All links in HTML messages open in a new window.

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