July 4th, 2009

WebMail User Interface Enhancements

LuxSci has made some notable enhancements to its web-based user interface:

  • LuxSci now supports some of the new features of FireFox v3.5 and Internet Explorer v8.0 that improve the speed of our web interface (native JSON processing).
  • When creating custom email filters that save matching messages to a specific email folder, users can now create new email folders within the filter management tool.  This greatly simplifies the process of making new filters to save messages to folders that do not yet exist.
  • Custom email filters that forward email messages to another email address or addresses now forward ALL matching messages, not just those that “do not appear to be from a mailer daemon”.  This simplifies filter management and makes the email forwarding filter conceptually simpler.  Previously, we restricted forwarding of messages from “mailer daemons” unless you explicitly wanted it to prevent mail loops. We also restricted forwarding of non-delivery receipts and other email garbage.  However, we now have other mechanisms in place to stop mail loops and believe that a forward should really forward everything unless otherwise specified.
  • The “Disk Usage Detail” report that shows how much disk space is in use in all of a user’s email folders, now allows users and administrators to delete the email folders directly from the report.  This is particularly useful, as it also permits deleting email folders inadvertently created due to misconfiguration outside of the user’s “IMAP mail path” which may otherwise not be visible in WebMail or IMAP.
  • LuxSci’s administrative option for monitoring the content of outbound email messages for specific content now supports scanning only the subject lines or only the bodies of messages, in addition to the option of scanning both which was previously the only option.  Outbound email monitoring allows administrators to send copies of specific messages to an auditor, deny delivery of specific messages, and/or auto-encrypt messages with certain content.

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