October 7th, 2009

Widgets: Document and File Access

LuxSci has added a “Documents” widget to the portfolio of widgets available to users for customizing their use and access of LuxSci.  The Documents Widget:

  • Allows access to any document storage WebAide that you have access to — even shared ones.
  • Allows viewing and downloading documents
  • Allows uploading new documents to the WebAide storage location
  • Allows deleting of unwanted documents.
  • Allows you to specify how many documents to display at once and permits paging through all of the documents if there are many
  • Color codes the documents by tag and uses icons to indicate the file types
  • Allows showing only documents that are tagged with specific tags.
  • The document list auto-updates to show changes to the underlying list of files.

File storage at LuxSci just got much quicker and easier.  Using custom hot keys, users can access their documents instantly from any page of LuxSci’s web site.  Documents are also now available in Mobile Mode via this new widget.

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