March 19th, 2010

You Have New Mail – Audible Alerts in LuxSci WebMail

Users of LuxSci’s WebMail have a new message notification – sound! When the LuxSci WebMail interface detects that new messages have arrived,* the interface will play a “new email” sound to alert the user of the new messages.

No, it does not actually say “You Have New Mail” — it plays a simple, standard Windows notification sound by default.  However, you can upload your own sound file (in your Preferences area) so that the reminder tone can be anything that you like.  Your custom sound file can be an mp3, wav, or mid file and can be up to 250KB in size. If you do not like sound effects, you have the option to turn them off in your Preferences.

Sound effects work in all of our supported browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

*The sound will be played when new email is detected in your current folder, your INBOX, or any of your “QuickCheck” folders — as all of these folders are automatically checked for new messages every minute or so.

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