August 31st, 2012

Your Documents – Online, Secured, and Shared

Online document storage and collaboration is a hot topic, especially when it involves security, HIPAA compliance, complex sharing scenarios, and advanced file management features.

Health care providers seek simple but compliant document storage, sharing, and retrieval solutions that replace storage on jump drives and laptops. Web developers enjoy automatically archiving the contents of web form posts (e.g. contact forms, inquires, orders, etc.) in backed-up, web-accessible document storage locations.  Businesses constantly ask about setting up myriads of file shares with complex logic as to who has what kinds of access to the files.

LuxSci’s free WebAides collaboration suite includes “Documents”,  our full-featured storage service.  In the following sections, we address how WebAides Documents can be used in various scenarios.

Compliant Storage

Uploading, downloading, viewing, editing, and annotating files stored online in LuxSci’s Documents WebAides is fully HIPAA compliant if you have subscribed to a HIPAA account.

  1. The content of all files is transmitted securely across the Internet.
  2. Backups are made and saved in a compliant location.
  3. Data can be restored from backup in case of loss or emergency.
  4. Options are provided for auditing file access.
  5. Options are provided for fully encrypting every single file while at rest.
  6. You can make your own backups and restores of your online files on demand.
  7. LuxSci treats the content of every file as if it were very sensitive, per our HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and privacy policy.
  8. Data is destroyed shortly after deletion and media are destroyed in compliance with HIPAA
  9. LuxSci itself follows all of the requirements of HIPAA with respect to this data and the servers that it resides on and passes through.

Don’t use “Drop Box,”  “Google Docs” or similar online services if you have any requirements for compliance — they are not.  Don’t use your own shared drives and in house file storage spaces unless you can be sure that these are all setup to meet the full requirements of HIPAA.

Easy Access to Your Files

Files stored in your WebAide Documents are accessible from any Internet-enabled computer.  All you need is a web browser.

Web Site Access

Log into and access your online files archives any time over a secure connection.  Download files individually or in bulk.  Tag files, annotate files, and organize them into separate folders.  Share these folders with other users — read only or with whatever permissions you need.

Mobile Access

LuxSci’s Mobile Site Portal provides a quick simplified interface to accessing all of your online documents.  If you are on a slow connection or connecting from a smart phone or tablet, you can access your online files quickly and easily.  Includes access to encrypted files as well.

Custom Interface with Widgets and Workspaces

LuxSci users can create custom “workspaces” for various tasks … such as sales, or visitor reception, or research, or whatever they need.  They populate these workspaces with “widgets” which provide small simplified interfaces to LuxSci’s main features; such as a view of an email folder, a calendar, or an address book.  Customers can also add “Documents” widgets to their custom workspaces so that their shared document storage spaces are accessible (both for downloading and uploading) and integrated directly into their custom workspace dashboards.

Simple or Complex File Sharing

Need to share some files with everyone in your account or domain?  That can be done with a just a few clicks.

Need something complicated, such as defining separate, possibly overlapping, groups of users and granting the different groups differing levels of access to sets of files?  No problem!

  • Define custom groups of users in your account
  • Share individual file files with any combination of
    1. account-wide access
    2. domain-wide access
    3. access for specific user groups
    4. access for specific individuals
  • Each access granted can be fine grained as well.  Everything from “read only” to “full access” to things in between like “read access to everything and full access to thing you have uploaded yourself” and “read access to everything and annotation access to everything … but no deleting!”
  • Cloning of permission from one folder to another makes configuration of multiple similar scenarios simple.

We see customers using file folder sharing cabailities for many diverse scenarios such as:

  • Setting up a corporate document share that everyone can download from, but which only a select few can manage (upload/delete).
  • Individual users with individual file shares where they keep their work.  These locations are shared with their managers for review and access … but not shared with other workers.
  • Various groups of physicians in different offices need to be able to share files among themselves … but not with physicians at other locations.
  • SecureForm customers have all of their web form posts saved to a Documents WebAide and have this shared with one or several users who can login to download copies of these files as needed … but who do not have permission to edit or delete these archives.

Other Cool Things You Can Do

WebAides Documents have many other interesting and useful features that can make their use invaluable

  • Do it in Bulk. Easily upload and download many files at once.  Need to store the 250 pictures from your vacation or download 100 client’s lab results, simply select them and start the process and go get your coffee.  Pretty easy.
  • Tagging.  Tag files with custom keywords and color codes to make searching and navigation among your folders for specific files quick and easy.
  • Annotation.  Each file can have any number of comments added to it.   You and the users with whom the file is shared can add comments at any time; these comments can themselves also contain additional files.  This is great for tracking the progress of a project or idea.
  • Download Merged CSV.  If you have multiple similar CSV files, you can select them all and download a single “merged” CSV file.  The system looks at all the column headers and re-arranges the data and adds columns as needed so that all of the data and columns can be properly contained in the resulting file.  This is particularly useful, for example, if you are saving the data from your web form posts as CSV files in a WebAides Document.  You can download all selected form posts as a single CSV file and pull it all into Excel for analysis whenever you want.
  • Entry Encryption. You can have individual files PGP-encrypted at rest so that only selected users and/or user groups can decrypt them.  This provides both enhanced security and file-by-file access control support.
  • Access Auditing. Enabling access auditing on a folder will track all file uploads, downloads, and edits so that you can see who accessed what, when.
  • Folders and Sub-Folders. Files are organized into “folders” which can have subfolders.  Each folder is individually sharable and you can have deeply nested collections of subfolders.

Documents WebAides – simple, secure, and robust file storage and sharing.  Included free with every LuxSci email or web hosting user account.


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