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Can you add notes to your email messages?

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

You see an email message in your INBOX and want to save some notes with it so that when you (or someone else) get to it later, you see those comments.  This is email annotation.

At LuxSci, we use email annotation all the time.

  1. We use email folders shared among our support staff.E.g. Often one person will perform some actions related to an email and then annotate that email with the resulting notes … so that when the next person comes along later to continue the task they can see what was done.  E.g. if a customer wants a call back, and we got a voice mail … we may annotate that call back request email with when we tried and what happened.
  2. I use my INBOX  as a “To Do” list.  If I can’t complete an task right now, but do some of the work, I may annotate that message with notes describing “where I left off”.

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Your Documents – Online, Secured, and Shared

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Online document storage and collaboration is a hot topic, especially when it involves security, HIPAA compliance, complex sharing scenarios, and advanced file management features.

Health care providers seek simple but compliant document storage, sharing, and retrieval solutions that replace storage on jump drives and laptops. Web developers enjoy automatically archiving the contents of web form posts (e.g. contact forms, inquires, orders, etc.) in backed-up, web-accessible document storage locations.  Businesses constantly ask about setting up myriads of file shares with complex logic as to who has what kinds of access to the files.

LuxSci’s free WebAides collaboration suite includes “Documents”,  our full-featured storage service.  In the following sections, we address how WebAides Documents can be used in various scenarios.

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“Please Note” – Message Annotation for your Email

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Have you ever wanted to add a note to an email for yourself or someone else?  The digital age has seen the paper-clipped note go the way of the dinosaur.  Today’s software programs may offer electronic notes and comments, but none specifically for email that is also shareable across programs.  Until now.   LuxSci has a feature in WebMail to add notes to messages that can be viewed by everyone and in most email programs. 

Except for Thunderbird and a few others, we are not aware of an email client that lets you make "notes" on email messages… and those that do are only visible in program that created them and not by anyone else looking at the message via IMAP or WebMail. We got to thinking of how useful a note would be that is part of the email message and viewable by anyone,  in any email program.  The LuxSci email note literally "sticks" with the message as it is forwarded to someone or copied/moved to another email folder. 

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Email Annotation in WebMail

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

An annotation is extra information (a note) associated with a particular email message. LuxSci’s WebMail enables you to add notes to any email message such that those notes are visible the next time you or anyone else looks at that message in WebMail, IMAP, or POP. This is especially useful when you are sharing your folder with others or want to keep track of the progress actions associated with particular email messages.

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