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HIPAA Compliant Calendars, Contacts and Reminders – Tasks for your iPhone and Android

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

While use of mobile devices and tablets in medical situations is pervasive; HIPAA compliant synchronization and storage of such information is often seriously lacking.  Everyone knows email can contain ePHI, but calendar appointments, address books, and task lists can and do contain just as much ePHI and their secure use must be strictly enforced.

LuxSci’s WebAide collaboration tools, combined with MobileSync for real-time synchronization with mobile phone and tablets (and Outlook 2013), provide a simple and effective HIPAA compliant solution for synchronized mobile accessible calendars, contacts and reminders or tasks (oh ya, and email).

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Calendar Updates: Email to Calendar and More

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

LuxSci has made several enhancements to its WebAide Calendar features.  These include an improved printable Monthly view of your calendars and the ability to have event attachments in email messages auto-added to your calendars

Email To Calendar

WebAide-licensed users can now create Custom Email Filters that match selected messages with calendar attachments (e.g. events, invitations, iCal files, etc.) and have these items automatically added to a calendar of their choice.

This feature allows users who frequently receive events by email to have these automatically populate their calendars without any action needed.  Once in their calendars, these events are immediately visible in LuxSci’s web interface and immediately synchronize with users’ mobile devices via our Mobile Sync service.

Synchronize LuxSci Calendars with External Calendars Automatically!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

LuxSci’s WebAide Calendars now support on-demand and automatic import of calendar data from external calendar sources published as iCal files.

If you have a calendar, i.e. from Google or some other company, which is accessible as an iCal file via a web link, then you can now pull that calendar data into your LuxSci WebAide calendars manually or continuously.

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Add iCal and vCard Email Attachments to WebAide Calendars and Address Books

Friday, August 27th, 2010

LuxSci WebMail supports the export of address book entries as vCard files and of calendar entries as iCal files.  Now, WebMail further integrates your email with your address book and calendars.

If you receive an email message with a vCard file or an iCal file (or even an Outlook/Exchange meeting notice) as an attachment:

  • That attachment will be parsed and displayed nicely inline in WebMail
  • You will be able to send vCard attachments to your WebAide Address Book to add as new contacts
  • You will be able to send iCal attachments to your Calendars as new events

Additionally, from within your address book or calendar you can select entrie(s) and click on “Send as vCard” or “Send as iCal” to compose a new email message with those entries attached.

LuxSci WebMail and WebAides makes it easy to send and receive calendar and address book entries between LuxSci users and other users whose email programs support these standard event and contact attachment file formats.

Attach Calendar and Address Book Files to New Email Messages

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Update Sept. 2012: Our entire WebAide collaboration suite of tools is now included for all users in new accounts at no extra charge! This includes Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Blogs, Documents, Links, Passwords, and User Groups. Additionally, the main administrative user now automatically gets a global Address Book and Calendar for optional easy account-wide sharing.

LuxSci’s WebAide Calendars and Address Books have been improved to allows users to easily send contacts and events to other people via email as vCard and iCal attachments.

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