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How to send unlimited email to someone for free and without authentication or SSL

Friday, September 14th, 2012

We field questions daily from customers who need to configure some special software or piece of equipment to send them email, but can’t because their SMTP logins require authentication (e.g. a username and password), or their software/hardware cannot be configured to connect to specific SMTP ports, or maybe because their logins require SSL/TLS for transmission security but their device doesn’t support that (and isn’t sending anything sensitive anyway).

Of course, software can be updated; there are always newer or more expensive devices that have more robust email sending capabilities.  However, additional time and/or cost is rarely the ideal solution. If the program/device will not be sending sensitive data and the email stream does not require end-to-end protection (e.g. for HIPAA compliance), then there is a very easy work around to get the device to send your mail.

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Plan Ahead – Preparing for Employee Termination

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Repeatedly, it is a situation that we see over and over.  Monday morning hits and we get a frantic call from a manager or VP in one of our customer’s organization. They need access to their account, but the person who was set up as their account manager has left the company or been terminated.  Oops.

At LuxSci, like many other conscientious places, we take very seriously the determination of “who is authorized to do what” in an account.  If the account owner is gone and provisions are not made ahead of time for taking over his/her duties, it can be a time consuming and tedious process to validate and establish someone else in the organization as the rightful owner of the account (and not just someone trying to “trick the system” and get access to things that s/he should not have access to).

If you are planning on letting an employee go, you should make sure well ahead of time to check the following things:

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