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Split Domain Routing: Getting Email for Your Domain at Two Providers

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Split Domain Routing (SDR) is a term used when you wish for some users in your domain to be able to get email at company X while others can get their email at company Y … and all these users have email addresses in the same domain.

For example, lets say your company domain is “my-doctors-on-call.com” and you are in the process of moving your email from some company X to LuxSci.com. You have doctors Joe and Emily whose email addresses are joe@my-doctors-0n-call.com and emily@my-doctors-on-call.com.  The migration is not complete or you need to migrate over time for some reason … so Joe needs to still get his email at Company X, but Emily is all moved and needs to get her email at LuxSci.com.  This is “Split Domain Routing” … some email going one place, some going elsewhere.

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