Clients, with varying needs, use LuxSci High Volume for newsletters, mailing lists, transactional email, and many other scenarios. Our pricing is a function of how many "recipients" you send to each month. One message to 100,000 people is the same as 100 messages to 1,000 people. Both count as "100,000 recipients". Visit our pricing and sending speed possibilities page for additional options.

You can use this cost calculation tool to determine the minimum price and level of service you need, based on the size of your mailing list and the number of times you send each month.

Your Planned Sending Volume

Your mailing list size: subscribers
Sends per month: sends
Sending volume: 100,000 recipients/month

Recommended Plan

This is the minimum price plan for your planned sending volume. Higher priced plans are available if you desire to maximize throughput.

Your monthly cost: $100.00
Sending tier: 1250,000 recipients/month
Price per email (CPM): $0.40 / thousand

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