Protecting Data & Communications since 1999

As an internet services company dedicated to protecting data and communications, Lux Scientiae ("Call us LuxSci for short!") upholds five core values:

  1. Smart. We strive to be a technology leader, continually implementing best practices for the benefit of our customers. We use our knowledge to provide world-class technical support and "have our customers' backs."
  2. Secure. We protect the security and privacy of our customer's data and their systems.
  3. Responsible. We provide multiple levels of reliable support services to meet a range of customer needs and budgets. We try our best to ensure that policies are carried out "by the book," to keep our customers' privacy and security at the forefront of our operations, and to continually update our software and systems to protect our customers and to take advantage of the changing technology landscape.
  4. Simple. We focus on solutions that are easy-to-understand and efficient, so that our customers can handle their workloads productively and intuitively.
  5. Respectful. We sustain long-term, mutually satisfactory partnerships with our customers. We want them to know we are wholly invested in their success.

LuxSci is the brainchild of Erik Kangas, whose fascination with designing high-quality, detail-oriented web-based infrastructures led to the start up of his company in 1999. Erik chose the unusual name LuxSci, derived from the Latin "light of knowledge," to encapsulate his view of the importance of developing services that bring great clarity to resolving electronic communications problems, whether they relate to a Healthcare practice that must abide by governmental requirements, to a small business that wishes to design an email marketing campaign, or to a large corporate entity seeking to bolster its security profile. LuxSci supports its customers with the most innovative products and services throughout the process.

As Erik himself says, "LuxSci has been tested through the boom and bust of internet companies, several recessions, and the exponential growth of electronic communications. We have continued to grow and to prosper the entire time. We're small, nimble, and not beholden to the whims of investors. We have excellent employee retention and we love what we do."

For more information on what LuxSci can do for you, please peruse our LuxSci FYI Blog.

Why Choose LuxSci?

Join the LuxSci community and feel safe and secure knowing that you can rely on us when it comes to your communications, so you can be more productive.

If you want an Internet Services company that is limber, business savvy, made in the USA, time-tested, and invested in your long-term satisfaction, LuxSci is a great choice.

If security, reliability, and flexibility are all important to you, LuxSci is your best choice.

If you secretly wish for a company that you are confident will understand and resolve your problems in a timely manner, then you have come to the right place.


With LuxSci on your side, you can feel secure that you have made the right choice and that we have your back.

LuxSci is a smart, agile, and responsive company focused on sustaining long-term customer relationships and providing premium services.

LuxSci strives to consistently provide extremely high quality, reliable, and secure services coupled with timely and expert customer support.

Executive Leadership

CEO: Erik Kangas, PhD

With more than 20 years engaged in to both academic research and software architecture, Erik Kangas brought the two strains of his analytical background together in 1999 as the founder of LuxSci, which provides elegant, efficient, and robust solutions for scalable email and Web hosting services, with a primary focus on the Healthcare industry. Being chief architect and developer, Erik has "grown" LuxSci to become a well-respected name in the field of online security. In fact, Erik displayed his penchant for computers as a boy in Cleveland Ohio, where he began to teach himself programming languages Basic and Pascal in 5th grade, and moved on to Assembly language as a teenager. While still in high school, Erik won first place at the Ohio state science fair, for authoring a new programming language.

With undergraduate degrees in physics and mathematics from Case Western Reserve University in 1995, Erik was one of the youngest students to be admitted (in 1993), as a full collaborator in a large-scale high-energy physics experiment. Five years later he earned his doctoral degree in computational biophysics from MIT. At Akamai Technologies, Erik made significant contributions to architecting, developing, and maintaining various Web-based applications and services. As a visiting professor of physics at MIT, he collaborated on molecular dynamic simulations. In addition to his leadership of LuxSci, Erik is now technical adviser to the board of directors at Mediprocity, which specializes in mobile-centric, secure messaging. He advises the board and C-level management on issues related to architecture, security, HIPAA, and software optimization.

An international lecturer on messaging security, Erik also consults on email best practices, secure Web site architectures, and HIPAA compliance. Erik continues to advance the mission of LuxSci: to ensure that sensitive individual information online remains secure and private. When he does take time away from LuxSci, Erik participates in endurance sports and has completed one full Ironman triathlon, four Half Ironman triathlons, and numerous marathons in the US.

Erik Kangas on LinkedIn.

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Executive Vice President: Jeanne Fama, PhD

Jeanne Fama, Ph.D. brings 26 years of experience to LuxSci, contributing knowledge derived from her diverse background in psychology and management. Juxtaposed with the technical expertise of Erik Kangas, her insight into the health field from large metro hospitals to rural medical centers provides unique perspective which serves LuxSci's clients through product development, sales, and marketing strategies.

Jeanne received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Harvard University in 2005. After completing her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital in 2008, Jeanne joined the faculty there. She continues to provide clinical care and supervision in the Department of Psychiatry while concurrently aiding in the planning and execution of LuxSci's growth stratgies. She is currently enrolled in the MIT MBA program, where she continues to develop her business acumen to support the impressive growth of LuxSci.

Jeanne Fama on LinkedIn.

Management &ammp; Sales Team

Michael Pereen

Director of Customer Support

With extensive experience in IT technical support, quality assurance testing, and management, Mike joined LuxSci in 2009. He has brilliantly and persistently worked his way up from Support Technician to Support Manager. Mike keeps the well-oiled LuxSci support engine turning, makes sure that our customers are happy, and helps the team constantly learn and improve.

Stacey Riska

Director of Marketing & Sales

Combining "big picture strategy" with "getting the stuff done" is Stacey's brilliance. As the Marketing and Sales Director for LuxSci, she is responsible for crafting the strategy for communicating how LuxSci's cutting-edge solutions uniquely solve customer and industry pain points, and then driving engagement. Stacey also sets the bar high for our sales team, helping them exceed their own expectations while disseminating the LuxSci message as broadly as possible.

Stacey on LinkedIn

Amy McLoughlin

Director of Finance

With a bachelor's degree in Accounting coupled with extensive experience in the banking industry as well as in auditing and tax law, Amy joined LuxSci in 2008 to manage both Accounting and Human Resources. LuxSci has come a long way since 2008 and Amy has been a key player: impeccably trustworthy, appropriately security conscious, in touch with the bigger financial picture, and kind and empathetic to our customers' concerns. Customers who work with Amy on billing matters can relax knowing that everything will be taken care of properly and fairly.

Zachary Miller

Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Zach has been an indispensable member of LuxSci since he joined our team in 2009. Having started in customer support and worked his way up into sales and product development, Zach has extensive experience with every aspect of LuxSci and every corner of our varied product offerings. He is the consummate technical sales guru; he can help you find a custom solution to your specific business needs, no matter how complex or unique they may be.

Zach on LinkedIn

Krista Barton

Senior Sales Executive

Krista has been part of the LuxSci family since 2017. She comes with an extensive background in technology in helping medium and large enterprises find optimal solutions to complex business requirements. Krista is a ball of energey—energy fueling her ability to make things happen.

Krista on LinkedIn

Russell Corsini

Sales Representative

Russell joined the LuxSci sales team in 2016. With an MBA from Babson College and a great deal of experience in marketing and healthcare sales, Russell brings valuable organizational and sales process insight to the table.

Russ on LinkedIn

Again you have made things easier, and I cannot begin to tell you and your colleagues that LuxSci has far and away the best tech support/customer service I have ever encountered."

Dr. Mark Zitlin