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Email Distribution Lists at LuxSci

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

We are frequently asked how to create and manage email distribution lists at LuxSci.

Distribution lists are email addresses, like “allstaff@your-domain.com” that accept inbound email and then forward (distribute) those messages to one or more different email addresses, so that everyone on the list gets a copy of the message.

At LuxSci there are three ways to setup a distribution list, each having its own particular benefits.  These include:

  1. Email Aliases distributing to multiple arbitrary addresses
  2. Groups of people in your account 
  3. Custom rules that forward email only under certain circumstances

Email Alias Management Enhancements

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

LuxSci has re-tooled its email alias management interface from the ground up to make it faster, more powerful, and more consistent with many of its other administrative interfaces.

Email aliases are addresses in your domain that do not correspond to a physical user, but which may deliver email to one or more addresses or deny email with a custom message.  E.g. “sales@yourdomain.com” might not be an actual person — it might just forward email to a few of your employees.  The LuxSci Email Alias Management tools enables administrators to create, edit, and delete these kinds of email flow rules for all email addresses in all domains in their account — Aliases, Domain Catchall Rules, User email forwarding rules, and WebAide User Group mailing list rules — all in once place.

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Control for Your Email Distribution Lists

Friday, January 15th, 2010

We have previously discussed the various options for email distribution lists in our post: Three Kinds of Distribution Lists.  However, we are often asked how to make distribution lists with special properties, such as:

  • Only people who belong to the list can send to the list
  • Have messages sent to the list be spam filtered
  • Only forward messages with certain content in them to the list
  • Block messages from certain people or with certain content in them
  • Add custom headers to messages sent to the list
  • Etc. –  the list goes on

These are all very doable at LuxSci by using a “4th” way of making a distribution list — using custom email filters.

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User Group Distribution Lists are Here

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Group Distribution ListLuxSci has added a new, often requested feature to its User Groups collaboration tools — the ability to associate an “email address” with the User Group so that all messages sent to that custom email address are forwarded to all members of the User Group.  This is a Group Distribution List.

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Collaboration: New Improved User Group Management

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

LuxSci has updated its web-based User Group management interface from the ground up to provide users with a fast, modern, featureful experience.  The User Group WebAides user interface now matches that of WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, and Passwords in AJAX-based Web 2.0 speed, data caching, and usability.

User Groups WebAides are very useful in a collaborative environment for:

  • Sharing WebAides (i.e. calendars, files, etc.) or email folders with groups of users instead of or in addition to individuals.
  • Encrypting individual entries (i.e. files or passwords) such that any group member can decrypt the item, as long as they are a member of the group
  • Creating email distribution lists so that it is easy to email everyone in the group.

The major changes that come along with these user interface enhancements include:

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