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Opt-In Email Encryption is Too Risky for HIPAA Compliance

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

A majority of companies and hospitals that offer email encryption for HIPAA compliance allow senders to “opt in” to encryption on a message-by-message basis.  E.g., if the sender “does nothing special” then the email will be sent in the normal/insecure manner of email in general.  If the sender explicitly checks a box or adds some special content to the body or subject of the message, then it will be encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

Opt-in encryption is desirable because it is “easy” … end users don’t want any extra work and don’t want encryption requirements to bog them down, especially if many of their messages do not contain PHI.  It is “good for usability” and thus easy to sell.

Cybersecurity opt-in email encryption

However, opt-in encryption is a very bad idea with the inception of the HIPAA Omnibus rule.  Opt-in encryption imposes a large amount of risk on an organization, which grows exponentially with the size of the organization.  Organizations are responsible for the mistakes and lapses of their employees; providing an encryption system where inattention can lead to a breach is something to be very wary of.

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General Usability Updates

Friday, March 25th, 2005

LuxSci has released a major update to its members’ web site. This update includes significant enhancements to improve the look, feel, and usability of LuxSci for both end users and administrators. It also includes a few feature enhancements. These are all described below.In general, the LuxSci user interface has been changed so that it is “cleaner” and “lighter.” Icons have been added to make it clearer. Also, we have re-organized some web pages and menu options into a more logical arrangement, and added additional, consistent navigation to all pages. Some of the pervasive changes include:

Help: We have replaced all “?” icons indicating “help” with the “Need Help? Click Here.” links that are clearly visible next to all headings that have associated online help.

Go Icons: We have replaced all “arrow icons” that used to mean “Go” or “Select” with actual buttons that say “Go >” or “Select”, in the interest of usability.

Return to: For web pages where it makes sense, we include a “Return to” link at the top right and bottom right of the page. This link is now in a consistent location and allows you to easily return to the previous page or the “next page up” in the site.

See also: For many pages where it makes sense, we include one or more links to related web pages on LuxSci in the “See Also” section on the upper right of the page. This allows faster navigation between related web pages and it also allows the easy discovery of related web pages by new users.