"Company executives usually only hear customer complaints when a situation needs to be escalated from customer service. It's rare when we hear good things about employees--that's why I'm writing this. I had an important issue with my email client that needed to be resolved quickly. I had already spent over an hour trying to get it to work with your system, but apparently there was a file that need to be deleted. That's when LuxSci Support staff came to the rescue. Your technician spent considerable time with me troubleshooting the situation. He was very patient and calming, and helped me to get over my frustration. He explained the problem and figured out what we needed to do. By the time we finished up, I was a happy camper. In my opinion, all companies should have dedicated employees like yours who take the extra step to resolve issues and make customer feel like there is nothing more important than helping them. Your support staff should be given all the recognition that is so deserving."

I.I.A., The Forms Group

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