LuxSci Workspaces, combined with Widgets and WebAides, offer you effortless collaboration with other users in your account. You can manage task lists, calendars, collaborative notepads, shared email folders, plus custom Widgets! You have a complex, but intuitive, set of permission controls at your fingertips, to help you manage who has access to shared Workspaces and WebAides. To be fully functional, LuxSci Workspaces only require a modern web browser like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome.

What Can Workspaces Do For You?

Users receive multiple widgetized "Dashboards". Additionally, users can:

  • Create any number of Workspaces with arbitrary configurations of widgets per workspace
  • Share Workspaces with other licensed users

Additionally, Workspaces are "active" in that:

  • Widgets based on WebAides (i.e. Calendars, Address Books, Blogs, Tasks, Links, Documents, etc.) auto-update themselves so that any changes made to the underlying entries are visible to the user within one minute.
  • The "Email Quick Check" widget will display the status of multiple email folders and automatically update every two minutes.
  • The "Email Folder" widget displays an interactive view of the contents of a specific email folder. This widget auto-updates itself with changes to the messages in it every 2 minutes.
  • The "Notepad" widget auto-saves your changes, merges them with changes made by others and auto-updates your display with the most recent merged content — real-time collaborative note taking.
  • Custom widgets can be added whose content can also update automatically

Workspaces for Mobile Mode

Workspaces are also designed to work well with LuxSci's Mobile Site — the interface streamlined to work on the small screen of today's modern smart phone. You can:

  • Access any Workspace from Mobile Site
  • Customize your preferences so that when you login to the Web Interface in Mobile Site, you go to a specific Workspace. I.e. make a Workspace that contains only what you want when you login via Mobile Site.

Note: you cannot create or manage WorkSpaces in Mobile site.

Workspaces are Flexible and Intuitive

Workspaces are visual and easily to customize. Workspaces feature many great tools like Drag and Drop, Resizing, Quick Access Hot keys, Changing Columns per Workspace. You can also organize Workspaces by priority or popularity. Workspaces allow you to collaborate effortlessly with others in your organization by presenting information in formats that reflect how you work everyday. Features include:

  • Reduce clutter by subscribing only to the Workspaces you want
  • Share any Workspace you create with individuals, groups of users that you define, and/or even everyone
  • Make any Workspace the default so when you login to your account or access the Workspaces page it displays the primary Workspace that you access most frequently.


LuxSci offers collaboration tools that are affordable to you and your business partners. Frequent updates to our collaboration offerings, plus 365 day professional technical support make office communication easy and cutting edge.

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