Unlimited Web Sites

LuxSci allows you to have any number of web sites and domains associated with your account.

Unlimited Databases
2000 GB/month of bandwidth included
This is more bandwidth than you will likely ever need. Contact sales if you need more.
MySQL v5.5 Databases: includes database management tools.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases included with all dedicated Web hosting accounts
  • Remote SSL access to MySQL (using Stunnel) which can be enforced (i.e. so insecure connections would be forbidden).
  • Web-based SQL command execution and querying tools (with saved commands, download of results in CSV, etc.)
  • Web-based tools for import and export of "mysqldumps" (i.e. batch SQL statement scripts).
SecureForm: Secure web site form to secure email feature (add on option)
Test Before Going Live
Use our "temporary domain name" feature to view and test your web site before making it live or before switching from your old provider.
Scripting Languages: Perl, PHP v5.6, Python
Supports Standard CMS You can install standard software like: Wordpress, Joomla, phpMyAdmin, MediaWiki, and almost any software that runs on PHP, MySQL, and Perl.
SCP and SFTP Access
  • Accounts can be configured so that FTP access is disabled, but SFTP is allowed.
FTP Access: Access your files 24/7 using FTP
This may be disallowed in high security accounts. Such accounts need to use SFTP, instead.
Web-based File Manager: Secure, web-based alternative to FTP.
  • Users can: view file lists, create directories, upload, download, delete, rename, change permissions, change ownership of files and directories
  • Permits automatic uncompressing zip and other archives "on upload".
  • Permits account administrators access user file spaces for file upload/download and management, without needing to know their passwords.
  • Bulk file uploads and downloads, drag and drop uploads and downloads.
WebDAV: Access-controlled shared files and calendars on your web site.
Password-Protected Directories - Easy management user interface
Easy-to-use interface for password protecting web site directories. Create users and user groups; assign read-only and/or read-write access to any directory. No need to manage .htaccess or .htpasswd files manually.
Web Site Access Reports
"Webalizer" reports for your web sites, updated daily.
Access to raw web site access and error logs
Secure web sites over SSL/TLS
Anti-Virus Scanning (shared and Px2+ servers)

Anti-virus scanning is provided on shared Web hosting accounts and on dedicated servers sized as Px2 or larger. The micro-sized Px1 budget servers do not include AV scanning.

Full AV Scanning is performed daily. For dedicated customers, AV scanning can be scheduled to run at any frequency that you require.

Found viruses and malware are immediately quarantined.

HSTS (HTTP Secure Transport Security)
HSTS can be enabled for your secure site by simply enabling a checkbox.
Separate directories for secure and insecure site content
Apache 2 servers
Apache mod_rewrite
Server-side includes
SuEXEC for the security of CGI scripts (i.e. CGI scripts can run as you instead as the web server user).
Custom Error Documents
Full .htaccess support
CGI scripts in any directory
Real cgi-bin directory
Mirror websites across multiple domain names
Configurable web site redirection
Configure PHP settings, e.g. memory limits

eBook — HIPAA-compliant Website Basics

What healthcare organizations need to know about HIPAA-compliant web sites

Book 2 in the LuxSci Internet Security Series.

Created by Erik Kangas, PhD

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