WebAideSync is a powerful synchronization tool developed completely in-house by LuxSci that allows WebAide users with Microsoft Outlook versions 2003 - 2010 to synchronize their Outlook Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks with LuxSci WebAides with the click of a button. WebAideSync is an add-in that integrates directly into the Outlook toolbar upon installation, making it easy to synchronize your data in moments.

Use of the WebAideSync plugin is free for all users -- you can synchronize any and all WebAides that you have access to in your account.

Is WebAideSync for you?

WebAideSync is great if you have a compatible version of Microsoft Outlook for Windows and you need to keep your Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks in sync. It does not work well if you have very large calendars or address books (e.g. 10s of thousands of entries).

Version of Outlook Synchronization solution
Windows Outlook v2013+ Use MobileSync (e.g. exchange ActiveSync).
This plugin is not needed/supported.
Windows Outlook v2003-2010 Use this plugin.
Older versions of Outlook Synchronization not supported.
Macintosh Outlook Synchronization not supported.

Selected Features

  • Multiple: Synchronize multiple calendars, address books, and task lists
  • Automatic: Synchronize automatically - no need to "do anything" to be in sync.
  • Three modes: Import to Outlook, Export from Outlook, Two-way Synchronization
  • Duplicate Handling: Ignore duplicates, allow duplicates, or update entries that seem the same.
  • Saved Sessions: WebAideSync will remember your synchronization settings so that you can perform the same synchronization task over and over again very easily.

Interested in synchronizing with mobile devices too? See MobileSync.

Screen Shot of WebAideSync

Download Free WebAideSync Plugin

Download WebAideSync (you will have to login to your LuxSci account first)

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