LuxSci specializes in secure email, web, and form solutions to provide our customers the best quality service possible; however, our customers obviously need many other types of services as well. Based on the questions that we have been asked over time and on our own research, we have vetted and partnered with a number of quality organizations that provide other services extremely beneficial to our customers.

Security Compliance Associates

Security Compliance Associates helps organizations identify, reduce and manage data and technology risks while also meeting regulatory cyber and information security requirements. In fact, we guarantee compliance when our recommendations are followed! We accomplish this through a stringent evaluation of the people, process and technology that might compromise sensitive information. We've elivered world-class assessment and advisory services for over 13 years and are proud to serve clients across the U.S. in Healthcare, Financial Services, Legal, Technology, Government and other industries who handle sensitive information. SCA is arguably the premier provider of cyber and information security assessments such as risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, controls review, compliance audits and more!

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your base for solutions

Fivebase is an agile and creative software consulting and development services firm focused on providing quality consulting as well as application design and integration solutions.

Fivebase services all markets and technologies but has a high degree of experience in the Healthcare fields, as well as warehousing & logistical environments.

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You are exceeding expectations. I have been very impressed with your organization. From sales and billing to tech support, everyone has been very responsive and knowledgeable. Most problems are resolved during the first contact. Thank you for your dedication to service and excellence. I will be recommending you without hesitation."

Jason Brown . Trinity Medical Associates