What is SecureChat?

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HIPAA-compliant Chat

Many medical professionals have patients and colleagues that prefer direct instant messaging or texting in order to communicate more quickly and conveniently. Although fast and straightforward, texting crosses insecure networks without any guarantee of encryption, which is a big problem in the medical and Healthcare fields. Recipients can save text messages in multiple places and can store them on phone company servers, which is a danger when it comes to sensitive patient information. ePHI (electronic protected health information) must go over a secure network, which is why LuxSci offers SecureChat, an alternative HIPAA-compliant two-way texting and chat solution.

SecureChat for HIPAA-compliant Messaging

LuxSci's SecureChat offers HIPAA-compliant instant messaging from any device. Users can send and receive secure files in real time on mobile (Android and Apple), desktop, and other browser platforms. This form of instant communication improves workflow and care coordination and helps address and close sensitive time gaps. Other features include the ability to add/remove certain recipients from messages, apply super administrator rights, and monitor patient referrals. SecureChat users can only communicate among themselves within the secured network. Before you start chatting, you must approve each other as a "connection" in order to weed out spam and unwanted communications. You can then instantly participate in single or group conversations with messages or files up to 100MB.

SecureChat is not a website plugin and cannot be put on your Web page to chat with website visitors. SecureChat is an application on your mobile device or in your browser on your computer that allows you to instant message other app users. Facilities that have implemented SecureChat have shown that the average response time from doctors is between 1-2 minutes, compared to previous half-hour response lags. With a long chain of demand and various people involved throughout a Healthcare facility, SecureChat becomes a critical component in relaying doctor's orders and patient updates. SecureChat has the ability to more efficiently, securely, and legally handle the sensitive information necessary to assure the health of your patients.

FAQs: Perhaps you were wondering...?

No. SecureChat is an application, similar to Skype or iMessage that runs as an app on your mobile device or in a browser on your computer and enables you to communicate securely and instantly with other SecureChat users. SecureChat is not a website plugin that allows you to chat with your website visitors.

SecureChat users can chat only with other paid SecureChat users. Before you can communicate with other SecureChat users (or they can communicate with you) you must approve each other as a "connection." This completely prevents spam and communications from unknown or undesirable sources.

SecureChat works just like text messaging. On your mobile device, you first install the SecureChat Android or iOS application. Once in the application, you can start or participate in one-to-one or group conversations with other SecureChat users. You can send text messages and/or files up to 100MB in size. These messages are delivered instantly; you can have a real-time secure conversation, just as you would when you use text messaging.

Desktop and laptop users can also use SecureChat in exactly the same way through a Web browser interface. You aren't confined to a mobile application.

Data is stored at rest using 256-bit AES encryption and transmits using TLS and strong encryption ciphers. Data access is via public key encryption with each user having his/her own encryption key, which is separate from that user's password. Live servers do not store encryption keys. SecureChat permanently stores all message and attachments. Account administrators have access to all messages sent or received by all users in their organization (as required by HIPAA for emergency access and backup controls). SecureChat is HIPAA-compliant and covered by your Business Associate Agreement with LuxSci.

Yes, you can attach files up to 100MB in size to any message.

There's no specific limit on the number of users for SecureChat. As many people as you have purchased licenses for can concurrently use the system. There are no specific usage limits beyond that of a 100 MB/file upload limit.

You only need SecureChat licenses for those specific users who will use this service.

Yes, you can get licenses and sign up anyone with an email address. Even if your LuxSci account has only one user, you could have 100 SecureChat licenses for other people who you're managing and for whom you're providing this service (e.g. patients, colleagues, or vendors). You can also reassign a license by revoking one person's access and inviting a new person to use the license.

Currently, SecureChat is an add-on to any LuxSci account, so you need to purchase at least a $10/month email services account to go with your SecureChat licenses.

SecureChat costs $6.00/license/month. Special pricing is available if you order 100 or more licenses.

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Delays in communication no longer represent a delay in care. Our facility did a pilot study and it showed that the average response time from doctors using using secure chat is 1-2 minutes, compared to 28 minutes when they used pagers and phones. I oversee a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals. With so many people involved, having fast, secure text messaging is critical to how we relay doctor's orders and changes in patient status, and get nursing updates and therapy reports."

Aaron Salyapongse, MD, Director of Hip and Knee Surgery at Valley Care Hospital