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WebAide User Groups

  • are designed to simplify access control assignment, encryption, and email distribution lists.

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Selected Features

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Enable Sharing by Group
Once you create Groups of users in a User Groups WebAide, you can share other WebAides and Email Folders with those Groups using the Sharing properties of those objects. This allows you to specify access control settings on a Group-wide basis. In particular, once you have setup the access privileges for a given Group, you do not have to configure anything on a per-user basis. Merely adding or removing users from the Group will add and remove all respective permissions from those users.
Security & Encryption: Group PGP Certificates
Each Group can have its own PGP security certificate. When making encrypted WebAide entries (i.e. in Blogs, Documents, or Passwords WebAides), one must choose explicitly who will be able to view/decrypt the resulting entry. If you have a Group with its own certificate, then you can select the Group as a recipient. Then, any member of the group can access the encrypted entry as long as they know the password to the Group security certificate. In particular, this means that if you add or remove users from the Group, they immediately gain or lose access to these encrypted entries without the necessity of re-encrypting all the entries for the new users. With this feature, use of encryption among large groups of people becomes feasible and easy.
Email Distribution Lists
A Group can be associated with an email Distribution List. This is an email address that forwards copies of all email sent to it to the users in the distribution list. By managing the Group membership, you also manage the distribution list recipients.

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