LuxSci provides secure email services designed to meet compliance and security needs. Unlike other vendors, LuxSci encrypts every email automatically to reduce the risk of sending sensitive data insecurely.

If you are having difficulty retrieving your message, please reach out to the email sender.

How is LuxSci Different?

LuxSci is Flexible


Users can choose the appropriate level of encryption to fit any email use case. Send every email with TLS encryption or use a secure branded portal for sending highly sensitive data.

LuxSci is Secure


LuxSci encrypts emails automatically to reduce the risk of sending sensitive data insecurely. Our solutions run on dedicated cloud servers that isolate data and apply Zero Trust principles. LuxSci's email solutions are HIPAA-compliant and BAAs are available.

LuxSci is Scalable


Our solutions are highly customizable to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes (and growing). We enable organizations to communicate securely in high volumes.

LuxSci's Secure Email Services

Secure Connector: Improve the security of your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts by leveraging LuxSci's mail encryption via a Secure Email Gateway. Automatically encrypt all outgoing email messages sent from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to reduce risk.

Secure Email Hosting: Protect your sensitive email accounts on a dedicated, custom-designed, highly configurable, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant email infrastructure at LuxSci.

Secure High Volume Email: Send millions of secure email messages containing sensitive information with a custom dedicated infrastructure designed to meet your throughput, security, and reliability needs through LuxSci's Secure Email API.

Secure Email Marketing: Engage your audience and drive revenue growth with targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns that keep sensitive customer data secure. Designed to comply with HIPAA regulations.

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