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Truly HIPAA-compliant Email Marketing

Plans and Pricing

Pricing is based only on how much email you need to send each month.

You can have any number of contacts. LuxSci Mailer accounts are provisioned on dedicated servers: all customer data and email sending is isolated from all other customers for IP reputation, security, and performance reasons.

Email recipients/month→ 25,000 50,000 100,000 250,000 500,000 1 Million+
Price (paid monthly)
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Are you an individual or small organization with modest needs? Perhaps one of LuxSci's channel partners will be able to provide you with a right-sized plan and other add ons such as dedicated implementation assistance and training.

All Plans Include ↓
Email Contacts
HIPAA-compliant Service & BAA
HIPAA-compliant Secure Email Sending
Dedicated IP Address
Dedicated Server
Design & HTML Code Editors
A/B Testing
API Access
Ticket, Chat, & Phone Support

The server included is a RackSpace Business Class Server with enough horsepower for run the Mailer application and to enable sending to the indicated volume of email recipients. If you are interested in faster sending, larger-scale sending, a multi-server solution, Enterprise Class servers, or other custom configurations, Contact Sales.

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eBook: HIPAA-compliant Bulk Emailing Basics

A technical guide to bulk emailing

Book 3 in the LuxSci Internet Security Series.

Created by Erik Kangas, PhD

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FAQs: Perhaps you were wondering...?

LuxSci Mailer is truly HIPAA-compliant web-based email marketing software that includes everything you need to design, send, track, and achieve a solid return on investment from email marketing.

Yes. LuxSci Mailer uses LuxSci SecureLine to encrypt all email messages. You can leverage ePHI in your segmentation and in the messages themselves.

You and your users will login to your dedicated LuxSci Mailer web interface. There, you can upload and manage your contacts, mailing lists, and email campaigns. LuxSci Mailer's intuitive interface and predesigned templates make it easy for individuals with limited technical expertise to create and send emails.

LuxSci Mailer contains over 100 professionally designed email responsive content blocks that you can tailor to create a campaign email. You can also customize content using the WYSIWYG editor or import campaigns from the internet. The templates included with LuxSci Mailer have been tested to ensure compatibility with mobile devices and popular email clients. LuxSci Mailer's image hosting ability lets you upload any number of images.

LuxSci Mailer lets you preview your email messages to make sure that you like what you see and adjust the design as needed before it is sent. The SPAM checker function evaluates your message for SPAM-like content so that you can edit the text and maximize deliverability.

LuxSci Mailer allows you to send to many lists at once and will eliminate duplicate recipients. Split testing lets you try different versions of your message to see which is more effective.

Scheduling options enable you to send your email blast now or schedule it for the future. LuxSci Mailer automatically handles unsubscribes, opt-ins, bounces, and SPAM complaints (feedback loop reporting).

Mailer is especially effective because it enables you to use email marketing in a truly HIPAA-compliant manner: even the marketing email messages that are sent are HIPAA compliant.

Additionally, LuxSci Mailer's reports answer your important questions:

  • Who opened which emails; when; from where; on what device/OS?
  • Who clicked on what link when; from where; on what device/OS?
  • How many bounces and why did they occur?
  • Who unsubscribed and marked the message as SPAM?

Other questions? Call Sales

Additional LuxSci Mailer Features

Since starting with LuxSci, I have had the pleasure of nothing less than professional, timely and highly knowledgeable support and assistance for all my broadcast email needs. And after assessing my growing email demands, LuxSci's servers have proven a perfect fit for Syngenuity. Thanks!"

Robert Fleischmann . Syngenuity