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In this tutorial, we will show you how to send an email campaign. To start, log on to your Mailer account. Then, open the email campaign dropdown menu and select email campaign. Now, choose who you want to sent the email campaign to from a list of options, then select he desired contact lists. Then, click next. You may also preview the selected campaign to make sure you are sending the right one. Now, input the rest of the required information in the boxes below.

In the next section titled email scheduling settings, you may choose to either send your email campaign now or uncheck the first box and schedule it to be sent out later. Below, you can optionally configure more specific email settings. When you are done, click next. On the next screen, schedule my email campaign. If you chose to send out your email campaign now, you'd simply wait for the activity status of your email campaign to say complete. Otherwise, your email will automatically be sent out at the date and time you chose. You have successfully sent an email campaign.

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After being a long time customer (under several different companies), I haven't had any problems with my LuxSci services, and I bet you folks don't hear enough that you're doing a spectacular job running the hardest service on the Internet. I rarely think about LuxSci, as my mail just works, which ultimately means absolute success in my book. Keep it up!"

Ike Levy