Custom Email Filters

With the amount of business done via email these days, it's not uncommon to receive dozens if not hundreds of messages a day. If you're the kind of person that doesn't like them all stacking up in your inbox, then you're probably already familiar with the concept of mail filters or rules. A filter can quickly sort, organize, or discard your incoming mail according to your explicit instructions. This makes it easy to manage high volumes of incoming mail automatically without having to manually move, forward, or delete even a single message. Almost all filters can match a given text string in the subject or body of the message and then take one of these basic actions, but LuxSci's Custom Email Filters provide an even more extensive list of capabilities, which you can see in the sections below.

Custom Email Filters are a basic feature of our WebMail interface and are included with all email hosting accounts at no additional charge

Possible Filter Criteria

You can use combinations of the following criteria to determine what messages match your filter.

  • Standard Message Properties: Filter by To/From address, message size, message priority
  • Basic Text Scanning: Search the subject and/or body of messages for the appearance (or absence) of a given text string. Regular expressions supported.
  • Advanced Text Scanning: Use regular expressions to search for patterns or variable text strings.
  • Message Charset: Easily determine if messages are in a certain language.
  • Message Type: Easily determine if messages are backscatter bounces, or responses from daemons or mailer-daemons.
  • Secure TLS Message:Messages that are received (or not received) securely over a TLS-secured channel
  • DKIM Signature Status: Verified, failed, or neutral

Filter Actions

You can choose what happens to matching messages

  • Standard Message Actions: Delete, Bounce, Forward, send an autoresponse, or save to a specific folder
  • Tag Message: Add a custom email tag, or flag message as important.
  • Add Custom Header: Add a new line with custom text to the headers of the message. Use this action to chain multiple filters together and achieve more complex filtering behavior.
  • Send Notification: Send an email or text alert to notify you that a message has arrived.
  • Alter Message: Edit the subject of the message, strip all attachments, or convert to plain text.
  • Save to WebAideTM: Automatically append message content to a Blog, save attachments to your Documents, or add appointments to your Calendar.
  • Plain Text: Convert messages to plain text
  • Strip Attachments: Remove attachments from messages

Scheduled Filters

Lastly, you can choose to have your filters only run only on certain days of the week and/or in certain time ranges. E.g. to send an auto-response at night or to forward copies of certain email messages when you are not typically at work.

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