Why Premium High Volume?

  • Encrypted high volume email sending Transactional and marketing email
  • HIPAA compliance for emailed ePHI
  • Business email with high sending limits
  • Special outbound email processing and filtering

Reputation management

Perhaps you were wondering...?

While LuxSci does not offer pay-as-you-go sending, Premium High Volume is available as an add-on to shared business email services as long as your sending needs are modest (less than 100,000 messages/month).

As many as you like! LuxSci does not limit the number of legitimate subscribers or how you segment your lists. We base our plans on the number of recipients you send messages to each month.

A recipient is an email address a message is sent to. It's also the unit we use to measure your email sending. One message to one person is one recipient, two messages to 10 people comprise 20 recipients, 1000 messages to one person each are 1000 recipients.

LuxSci does not limit the number of messages you can send at once. You can send a single message or email blasts that go to thousands or millions of recipients. Your plan determines the maximum number of recipients you can send to per month.

Yes, LuxSci provides the option of purchasing Spotlight Mailer, a Web-based email marketing and campaign management solution. You also have the option of continuing to use your current email software.

Yes. LuxSci SecureLine has a special feature called TLS Exclusive. When you enable this, LuxSci will use Forced TLS to deliver your messages securely to everyone who can support TLS and will drop messages to those who don't (with appropriate notes in our delivery tracking system). If you have low priority messages (e.g., email marketing messages) which still need to be secure (e.g., in healthcare), "TLS Exclusive" high volume sending is a perfect fit.

The number of sustained concurrent connections you can make at once depends on your service level. Large dedicated servers or clusters would be recommended for cases requiring high levels of concurrency. See Sending Rate.

While any email provider can and does get blocked on occasion, LuxSci takes stringent measures to keep this from happening. LuxSci has very strict acceptable use policies and manually checks every new customer to keep spammers out. LuxSci's monitoring system works to detect any improper use before it becomes a problem. As a result, problems are rare. If a problem does occur, LuxSci's staff have the training to resolve the issue ASAP.

No, you do not need to change your email hosting service to LuxSci. You can easily configure your sending programs to send your emails through LuxSci's email sending service without affecting your existing email solution.

LuxSci provides the option of sending email via a dedicated server. The type of server used depends on your high-volume plan. Your dedicated server may or may not use IP addresses recently used by other customers. So, they may or may not be "pre-warmed." We recommend warming up your new server yourself for best delivery results.

While neither LuxSci nor anyone else can ensure that every message is delivered to every Inbox, our excellent reputation and stringent security measures maximize the chances that your email messages will go to the intended recipients. LuxSci will advise you on how to construct your messages and maintain your lists and campaigns for the best result. See Key Ingredients for Good Deliverability.

Yes! LuxSci provides reports on messages sent, delivery status as well as complaints of spam such as feedback loop complaints. Note that Spotlight Mailer automatically maintains your mailing lists as bounces occur or recipients subscribe or unsubscribe.

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