Erik Kangas, PhD, is the CEO of LuxSci, editor of the LuxSci Blog, and LuxSci's resident HIPAA-compliance expert.

Erik invites you to submit questions directly to him. Selected questions will be answered publicly in the LuxSci Blog and some questions will be answered via a direct response.

Good question topics include:

  1. LuxSci and desired features and services
  2. Email and email security
  3. HIPAA compliance
  4. Secure web sites and web forms
  5. Email marketing
  6. Internet security and privacy
  7. Related topics in the news or of concern to your organization

While Erik will review all questions, there is no guarantee that any particular question will be answered or that the question will be answered quickly. If you have technical support, billing, or sales needs, please contact LuxSci through the normal channels.

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