LuxSci uses very high performance, redundant storage for all shared and dedicated servers. LuxSci also makes extensive backup copies of your data and allows you request restores (see Backups). LuxSci's pricing for disk space reflects this premium infrastructure and the fact that cheap commodity drives and cheap cloud storage are not appropriate for high performance email and database services.

Type of Storage

LuxSci dedicated servers use and encrypted SSD RAID block storage array.

Disk Space and Dedicated Servers

When you have dedicated servers at LuxSci, your servers have a specific amount of physical disk space available to them. Customers can upgrade their servers and purchase as much space as needed. LuxSci charges customers for the extra disk blocks to cover the cost of these blocks and the cost of the backups of that data.

A dedicated customer's disk space limit is set to the maximum size available on the servers. Exceeding your allotted storage capacity can result in completely filling your server's disk and that can result in data loss and service down time.

We suggest that dedicated server customers purchase enough disk space so that they always have at least 20-30% free space and thus are never in danger of filling up their disks. LuxSci will be alerted if your disk is getting full and will contact you to suggest that the disk space be expanded or that unneeded data be deleted. For customers that do not respond to LuxSci's requests and alerts of this nature, LuxSci may automatically add space and charge the customer for the upgrade, as that is better than data loss and server failure due to a disk full situation.

Disk Space and Shared Accounts

When comparing disk space limits in shared email hosting at LuxSci vs. other providers, please keep in mind:

Many providers give you a specific amount of space "per user".

  • Most users will use far less than their disk space limit; only a few power users will, in general, approach the limit
  • If a user reaches his/her limit, that limit is hard and that user's services will be interrupted!
  • There is often no way to increase individual user's disk space limit. So, if the limit is 10 GB/user and you need 12 GB, you are completely out of luck.
  • These limits are not sharable among the account, i.e. 10 users with 10 GB/user does not give you 100 GB to distribute freely across all users.

At LuxSci, we do not impose per-user disk space limits. (Though as an administrator, you can):

  • Your disk space limit is "account wide" — i.e. shared by all users and services.
  • Each individual user can use as much disk space as needed and will not be cut off.
  • If your account-wide usage exceeds the purchased limit, you are merely charged for the extra space at regular prices — no services are interrupted.
  • You can easily add more space to your account as needed.
  • Unlike with other email providers, you buy the disk space you actually need and are not given some artificial per-user limit limit.

That said, customers that require a large amount of disk space (i.e., more than 500GB) are not eligible for shared serviced; such customers are required to order dedicated server(s).