Secure High Volume Email Sending for Healthcare

Emails like appointment reminders, medical lab or test results, and many other types of trigger-based emails from health care providers can be an effective way to increase patient engagement and streamline workflows. However, these emails often contain sensitive information or PHI and need to be encrypted to comply with HIPAA. LuxSci's advanced encryption technology is flexible enough to meet any combination of security and usability needs.

SecureLineTM Encryption Technology

LuxSci's SecureLineTM encryption engine automatically encrypts every email. It works like this- messages are delivered to LuxSci via API or SMTP and SecureLineTM encrypts the emails before securely delivering them. SecureLineTM is extremely flexible and encryption settings can be configured to meet a variety of security, compliance, usability, and deliverability needs.


Secure High Volume Email Sending Features

Every Secure High Volume customer has their own dedicated server or cluster and IP addresses, designed to meet their email sending and throughput needs. The exact specifications will depend on how many emails need to be sent and how quickly they need to reach recipients' inboxes. LuxSci will design a custom deployment based on this information.

Custom cluster solutions provide a dedicated, micro-segmented trust zone that can be tailored for very high volumes of sending, very high throughput, very high security, high availability, and business continuity. They are designed to be Zero Trust-aligned and can be resilient to data center failure.

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Dedicated, Zero-Trust Aligned Email Solutions

Unlike other high volume emailing solutions that use shared clouds for email sending, LuxSci is unique in that it provides each client with their own dedicated server, cluster, or unique custom deployment. This has two advantages: higher security and more flexibility.

First, by isolating email servers from other customers, it adds another level of security. LuxSci has long supported the Zero Trust security model which advises keeping trust zones small to protect sensitive data. At LuxSci, this means we use micro-segmentation and dedicated network firewalls to isolate each customer's server configuration. By using a dedicated server cluster that is segmented from other customers, data is kept isolated and secure.

Security through isolation

In addition, using a dedicated server cluster allows customers to create custom configurations that can be designed to meet any email volume or throughout need. Using a dedicated solution means never having to share server resources with other customers and allows for more control over sending rates and IP reputation. Customers can also request high availability and disaster recovery options to keep systems online in the unlikely event of a data center failure. These high availability options include:

  • High-availability network firewalls
  • High-availability network load balancers
  • High-availability, high-capacity outbound email sending servers
  • High-availability web/application servers
  • High-availability replicated MySQL clusters
  • High-availability storage
  • System isolation and capacity scaling
  • Dedicated network segments
  • DDOS Protection
  • An additional disaster recovery footprint in a distant geographic location

FAQ: What to Know About Secure High Volume Sending

As many as you like. LuxSci does not limit the number of legitimate subscribers or how you segment your lists. We base our plans only on sending volume-the number of recipients you send messages to each month.

A recipient is an email address a message is sent to. It's also the unit we use to measure your email sending. One message to one person is one recipient, two messages to the same 10 people comprise 20 recipients, 1000 messages sent to one person each equals 1000 recipients.

LuxSci does not limit the number of messages you can send at once. You can send a single message or send email blasts that go to thousands or millions of recipients. Your plan determines the maximum number of recipients you can send to per month and your throughput requirements dictate the kind of infrastructure that LuxSci will provision for you. See also: How fast can I send email?.

If you reach your email sending limit, you will still be permitted to send email. However, you will be charged an excess usage fee at the beginning of the next month. If you consistently exceed your sending limits, it will be more cost-effective to upgrade your plan to a higher monthly sending limit.

You can review your monthly sending limit, what happens if you hit your limit, and what the excess usage fee is in your account's High Volume Sending Overview Page.

Yes, LuxSci's Secure Marketing solution is a web-based HIPAA-compliant email marketing and campaign management tool. You may also be able to integrate your current email software with Secure High Volume.

Yes. LuxSci SecureLineTM can be configured with a feature called TLS Exclusive. When you enable this, LuxSci will dynamically use Forced TLS to deliver your messages securely to everyone who can support TLS and will drop messages to those who don't (with appropriate notes in our delivery tracking system). If you have low priority messages (e.g., email marketing messages) which still need to be secure, "TLS Exclusive" high volume sending is a perfect fit.

The number of sustained concurrent SMTP connections you can make at once depends on the type of and number of dedicated servers that you have. For small/standard plans, sustained concurrent connections should be 1-4 and bursting should be 20 or less.

While any email provider can get blocked on occasion, LuxSci takes stringent measures to keep this from happening. LuxSci has very strict acceptable use policies and manually checks every new customer to keep spammers out. LuxSci's monitoring system works to detect any improper use before it becomes a problem. As a result of our due diligence, problems are rare. If a problem does occur, LuxSci's staff have the training to resolve the issue ASAP. Also, when you use a dedicated server (and a dedicated IP address), your IP address reputation reflects only your own sending history.

No, you do not need to change your email hosting service to LuxSci. You can easily configure your sending programs to send emails through LuxSci's email sending service without affecting your existing email solution.

LuxSci sends your email through dedicated servers that have dedicated IP addresses. Your dedicated servers may or may not use IP addresses recently used by other customers. So, they may or may not be "pre-warmed." We recommend warming up your new server for best delivery results. See also: Warming up your IP address automatically.

While neither LuxSci nor anyone else can ensure that every message is delivered to every inbox, our excellent reputation and stringent security measures maximize the chances that your email messages will be delivered to the intended recipients. LuxSci will advise you on how to construct your messages and maintain your lists and campaigns for the best results. See Key Ingredients for Good Deliverability.

Yes. LuxSci provides reports of messages sent, delivery status, as well as complaints of spam such as feedback loop complaints.

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