Video Transcript

LuxSci is a secure email communications company that's focused on enabling health care and-- it's focusing on enabling health care to communicate securely with the world. LuxSci provides email security, website security, and form security services that are cross integrated and which integrate well with customer applications and databases.

LuxSci that was founded in 1999 in Somerville in an apartment without any VC funding or investment of any kind. ... by 2002, we had grown and switched our focus to security. And by 2005, we had developed our secure line email encryption technology, the engine fundamentally driving all of our high availability secure emailing solutions.

By 2008, we were heavily involved in HIPAA-compliant email and developing other HIPAA compliance solutions for web architectures and forms. By 2020, we'd achieved high-trust certification to prove to everyone that we were doing all the right things around compliance.

The health care market today is undergoing a rapid transition. Everybody is seeking to take everything digital as fast as they can. What we're seeing is a rapid expansion of security issues and problems due to remote work and due to rapid change without considered security effort.

Our mission at LuxSci is to protect the data and communications in the health care sector. We uniquely provide high security combined with a high degree of flexibility. We address strict compliance requirements at scale while still enabling organizations the flexibility to execute their desired business workflows.

LuxSci is the only secure email provider that can scale defending billions of messages per month for individual customers. LuxSci believes that one shouldn't use a big shared cloud. In a big shared cloud, you have no idea where your data is going and how intermingled with other people's data. We believe in assigning every customer to their own server or their own cluster or their own network segment. In this way, you have strong isolation of data both in the storage point of view and a transmission point of view. And that's truly fundamental security.

We switched to Oracle because of its security first stance and its focus on reliability and performance. OCI's second generation cloud and its security stance have enabled its cloud service to be more like bare metal servers in terms of their security footprint than pretty much any other cloud server that I'm aware of.

OCI is built to enable organizations to be able to afford much more in the terms of security and reliability. And by leveraging that, LuxSci can strategically give customers more bang for their buck and provide a much more secure landscape for the internet as a whole.

Health care organizations cannot afford to have their infrastructure down and unavailable. In fact, HIPAA requires that things be available all the time and backups are always ready.

OCI has innate high availability systems, both from load balancing to database access and other services that allow us to provide a much more comprehensive service to more customers. And this is something that's been strategically useful for us and unique to Oracle.

When evaluating the Oracle Cloud, we performed a lot of performance benchmarks. We found the memory performance to be 10 or 20 times faster than other comparative clouds. We found the CPU performance to be at least as good or not better.

I love the fact that Oracle is always encrypted, both in storage and in transit. In fact, this reflects a fundamental difference between Oracle's cloud and other cloud. They've chosen to be secure. And you can see that right from this decision.

This decision reflects LuxSci's security posture. We believe emails should always be encrypted unless you say otherwise. Most other providers take the opposite approach. They allow you to choose what emails should be encrypted. And this leaves open the option for human error. And as you know, the chance of human error is the worst-- as you know, human error right now is the biggest security vulnerability we have on the internet. And the degree to which we can reduce that by making better choices to take them out of the equation, the better our security stance will be.

LuxSci is currently taking advantage of compute, block storage, network load balancing, high availability My SQL, and bring your own IP address services. And we're investigating other services that are coming online and where we are winding our way into the Oracle ecosystem.

We've probably moved over about 50 to 60 compute instances and perhaps 40 terabytes of storage over the last month or so. And we're currently in the process of migrating servers from other cloud providers, hoping to move about 300 servers over the next year or so. And we're setting up almost all of our new customers on the Oracle infrastructure at this time.

LuxSci's fundamentally a security company. And the degree to which we can decrease the risk across our services and across what our customers are doing, the better. By switching to OCI, we can increase the level of security for all of our customers without increasing their prices. And at the same time, we can provide more reliable solutions at an attainable price.

We use your High Volume SMTP service for our automated invoicing and purchase confirmations, so it is a critical part of our business. Your High Volume SMTP has been the most reliable we have used. The technical and sales support have been timely, efficient, and effective. I highly recommend."

Leonard S Rann . Tradavo