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What is PHI? Protected Health Information. If you send PHI that involves patient information, and you are not using HIPAA-compliant encrypted email, then you are automatically in wilful neglect or in a breach.

Fines for a breach start as low as $10,000 per incident, and can be as high as $1.5 million. It can come by a random audit by the Office of Health & Human Services.

Why mess around with sending insecure PHI, when you can easily protect yourself and continue on your way using email for all your communications? Even if you are not in health care, but wanted to protect your email hackers trolling the internet, it's a good idea these days to secure your email.

HIPAA-compliant Email

At LuxSci, we offer business and enterprise HIPAA-compliant email with great technical support. We also provide you with a business associate agreement, a compliance seal, and a trust mark, and a whole lot more. We allow you to easily integrate into Outlook or any other email software you're already using. We offer white labeling for patient portals, and users can opt out of encrypted emails. This is a great feature, as not every email you send needs to be secure.

LuxSci makes it a snap to set up, migrate, archive, and protect your email. Get in touch today to learn more and find out why LuxSci is the right solution for your encrypted and compliant email.

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LuxSci offers a very comprehensive secure hosting solution for healthcare organizations who must navigate complex HIPAA regulations and safeguard their patients' data. Not only is the site well secured and monitored constantly—the site loads quickly, operates reliably, and we have been thrilled with the immediate response from support staff when the occasional question comes up or we are in need of more advanced support on the development side. I highly recommend LuxSci's products and services."

Nathan Schmidt . Summit Home Medical Equipment