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Business Woman: My IT consultant was adamant that I check out LuxSci for my email, website, and forms. Who are you guys?

LuxSci: LuxSci is a 16 year old, made-in-the-USA security company whose employees are constantly learning, love helping customers, and enjoy solving the complex technology puzzles.

Business Woman: Sounds like LuxSci would really have my back answering my questions and resolving my issues quickly and accurately.

LuxSci: Exactly. LuxSci is famous for industry leading technical support.

Business Woman: Finally, I can real and focus on my business instead of micro managing a vendor. Now what can LuxSci take care of for me?

LuxSci: Starting in 1999 with email and web services, LuxSci has transformed by responding to customer feedback and useful requests for new features into an industry leading premium email and web services company. Today, in addition to enterprise class email hosting, LuxSci specializes in email security, HIPAA compliance, and email marketing, as well as dedicated web hosting. LuxSci also offers Secure Form, which locks down website PDF forms across the internet, enabling business owners to receive form data quickly, securely, and in a manner of their choosing. Many other cool services such as email filtering and archival, secure chat, calendars, encrypted file storage, and API, and so much more support these core email and web offerings. LuxSci is a Swiss army knife providing an area of email and web solutions.

Business Woman: Wow. Evolved, agile, and well established email and web services provided with security and privacy in mind. That is exactly what I'm looking for.

LuxSci: Great. Give us a call at 800-441-6612 to find out how LuxSci can help meet your business needs.

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LuxSci offers a very comprehensive secure hosting solution for healthcare organizations who must navigate complex HIPAA regulations and safeguard their patients' data. Not only is the site well secured and monitored constantly—the site loads quickly, operates reliably, and we have been thrilled with the immediate response from support staff when the occasional question comes up or we are in need of more advanced support on the development side. I highly recommend LuxSci's products and services."

Nathan Schmidt . Summit Home Medical Equipment