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Private Labeling

LuxSci's private labeling service is an easy yet powerful way to promote your businesses brand throughout the many email, web, and form solution we offer. With a wide range of both basic and advanced features, private labeling means branding success for every size business and reseller.

Branding hosted services starts with a website interface and with our look and feel wizard it's never been easier. Easily transform our web-mail standard appearance to match your business identity with your logo and a custom color schema, create multiple themes, and customize any section of the account, and you can even make LuxSci's support system look like your own.

Virtual Redoration

Take virtual redecoration to the next level through detailed tweaks with advanced customization with HTML elements, CSS styles, and even custom JavaScript programming. Health care entities required to be HIPAA compliant and others using our end-to-end email encryption services can extend those customizations to the SecureLineTM services plus do much more to enhance customization of the SecureLineTM Escrow and WebMail web portals.


Trust and recognition are key to the secure email communications so ensure the client relationships you've built on trust and security by taking advantage of private labeling secure domain branding feature where they see your secure assets or protected domain in the address bar.

Like all of our products, private labeling works in your web browser so it doesn't require any special software or hardware. Even programs such as Outlook and Thunderbird can use secure custom-domain branded IMAP, POP, and SMTP. And don't forget, private labeling doesn't stop with just web mail.


Continued branding LuxSci by pointing MobileSync to your domain for branded MobileSync using your custom domain with your secure forms, branding our premium email filtering and premium email archival services, creating namespaces for multiple SecureLineTM and SecureSend portals, branding your bulk email headers for your high-volume dedicated servers, managing multiple clients with a theme management system, and privatizing the support ticketing system.

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LuxSci is the ultimate in email, not only in terms of products but also in service. From a business perspective LuxSci provides unparalleled account administration and control over spam and viruses. You won't even know all the things that are possible with email until you check out LuxSci's multitude of special email services and products. They can also integrate web hosting with your email account."

William Hopwood . Florida Atlantic University