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Text messages are insecure

Text messages are generally insecure and never HIPAA compliant. Medical professionals have been warned against the use of texting for years. However, many prefer the speed and convenience of texting over email. Luxsci SecureText is the HIPAA-compliant solution for sending sensitive information to any mobile phone via a regular text message without the need for the sender or recipient to use any special application. SecureText combines the security of email encryption with the convenience of text messaging delivering messages to your recipient's mobile phones in real time. When a secure text message is sent, the recipient receives a link to the secure text portal to view the message. The portal can also be used to send secure replies back to the sender. The SecureText portal is easy to use and specifically optimized for mobile devices to provide the smoothest possible experience while also ensuring message security.

SecureText Usage

The first time someone receives a message, they will quick register an account within the Secure Text portal. This account is used to verify the recipient's identity and keep message content private. Secure Text can be sent from a variety of platforms, such as Luxsci Web Mount or any email program. Luxsci's calendar and task tools can also be set up to send secure text message appointment reminders and notices via Secure Text. You may also integrate secure text messaging into any application you currently have with our API. Secure Text perfectly complements LuxSci's Secured Email and SecureForm solutions.

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After being a long time customer (under several different companies), I haven't had any problems with my LuxSci services, and I bet you folks don't hear enough that you're doing a spectacular job running the hardest service on the Internet. I rarely think about LuxSci, as my mail just works, which ultimately means absolute success in my book. Keep it up!"

Ike Levy