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WebAides = Web Apps

WebAides are one of LuxSci's many collaboration tools that allow for you to easily store, organize and share data. All users with email hosting have access to the entire WebAides suite. There are many different types of WebAides such as address books, calendars, tasks, blogs, documents, passwords, notes, links, and user groups.

WebAide Types

Address book WebAides make it easy to store information about all of you contacts. Add any amount of information from the name and email to the type of encryption used when contacting them or add notes about each contact.

Calendar WebAides make scheduling very easy by giving you the option to set as much detail as you want about an event. Easily change the recurrence and add reminders via email, text or popup.

Task WebAides are a great way to keep track of tasks by filling in priority, status, completion and many more preferences. Set recurrences and assign tasks to other users in the account.

Blog WebAides allow for you to create discussion groups, FAQs, bulletin boards and more.

Documents WebAides is great for storing Word documents, Excel files and more. Share them with users in the account or domain.

Notes WebAides create a simple and organized layout for all of your notes. Choose between different viewing options and color coding to make notes work best for you.

Passwords Web Aides are encrypted with PGP for secure storage of passwords for any account you want.

Links WebAides are similar to your web browsers bookmarks. Here you can keep track of your favorite websites and share them with other users. User groups are for organizing users. Create different distribution lists and share groups within the account or domain.


WebAides' Sharing feature makes collaboration with an account extremely easy. Just right click on the WebAide you want to share and choose share. Here you can choose your sharing options by choosing the whole account, entire domain, individual users or just private. Have full control over your WebAides by assigning permissions to each user that you are sharing with, deciding whether they can read, write, create, delete or comment on it. If you have shared a WebAide before you can also choose to use the same permissions again for any other WebAide. There are many features that WebAides come with such as color-coded tags for easy organization and viewing as well as the ability to make comments in certain WebAides, which makes collaboration extremely easy. WebAides are also very secure and can be encrypted with a PGP key. Export your WebAides in many different formats to meet your needs, whether that is a zip, xml, csv, iCal or vCard file.

If you use Outlook, try the free WebAide sinc plugin to sinc with your calendar, address book and task WebAides. Even get notifications when other users make changes to certain WebAides. Get quick access to certain WebAides through widgets. Many WebAides also have an option to add attachments to them.

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