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Workspaces and Widgets

LuxSci offers many forms of collaboration. Workspaces and Widgets give users a fully customizable page where they can view, edit, organize, and share various types of information. What are Workspaces and Widgets? A workspace is a customizable page under your LuxSci account that you can fill with many different types of widgets. Add as many workspaces as you would like and even share them with other users in the account. You can even access your workspaces from a mobile device and customize the mobile interface to be different than the standard one. Change the layout by adding or removing columns to fit your needs. Widgets are the tools that you can add to make your workspaces work best for you.

Many widgets will actively update for you, such as the email quick check and notepad widget. Want easy access to many of your WebAidesTM? Add widgets for address books, calendars, reminders and more. If you can't find one that works for you, try the custom widget option. Just add the HTML code to create a custom widget. Even get quick access to any widget from anywhere in the account with the hotkey option. The sharing options are just as customizable as the workspace. Choose who you want to share with, whether that is just one person, the whole account, or any number of users. Not only can you choose who to share with, change each user's read and write access to certain widgets

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